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Case Research

  • Case Review & Strategy
  • Legal Research
  • Medical Records Analysis
  • Document Analysis
  • Online & Social Media

Motions & Depositions 

  • Client & Witness Interviews
  • Expert Depositions
  • Cross Examinations
  • Pleadings, Complaints, and Discovery Requests

Mock Jury Simulations

  • Theme Development
  • Issue Analysis
  • Exhibit Effectiveness
  • Case & Argument Strategy

Trial Presentation

  •  PowerPoint Keynote Creation
  • Witness Preparation
  • Voir Dire Strategy
  • Attorney Preparation

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 Put my 30+ years of experience and track record of 7 & 8 figure results to work for you! 

Over my 30+ year legal career, I have built my small practice by Getting A+ Results from C-level Cases

I attend, lead and participate in the top seminar programs in persuasion and presentation techniques to drive cognitive & group decision- making to help build value to your case.

I have achieved multiple 7 and 8 figure verdicts & settlements, finding and developing significant case value in cases where others would settle for less.

Now let me help generate more fees for you!

Howard G. Butler

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